Marketing Teams –

Symbolt for Marketing Teams

Allowing non-designers to access and edit copy, directly on the designed document!

Losing time to market waiting for the designer to change copy on that presentation template?

Have branded templates, offers, presentations, and social media posts that just need content update but you always get stuck waiting for the designer to make changes? Duplicate, or create any file based on designed templates by your designer. And ready to go.

Edit content on any shared document!

Edit copy, add, delete and reorder pages on any shared file or new template. Don’t worry about the design breaking. All the design fetures are locked away, and the designer will get notified for each change – just in case.

Need to discuss copy with a client, and keep the designer away from all the back-and-forth?

Share files with clients, and other editors. Comment, edit copy together and leave design comments. Get notified for all the changes, and stay on top of the whole document.

Full access to all the version history!​

Whether you changed the wrong text, deleted a comment that was still supposed to be reviewed, or just feel nostalgic, all your files’ history is stored in one place, fully organized, and ready for your grabs anytime.