Designers –

Symbolt for Designers

Bringing layout design process to a whole different level!

Upload the word file, and get it automatically laid out on your design

Symbolt checks out the word file for titles, body copy, and images and lays it out on your design automatically. Should the automatic conversion not be perfect, Just go through the word doc, in Symbolt, select the right paragraph style, and voila!

Need to change styling on the whole document? Get it done in one place.

Everything is organized in paragraph styles, and color palettes. Whether you’re changing font size, alignment, or need to readjust the grid of the document, do it all in one place, and see the whole document take the new shape.

Building a brand, and need to keep consistency throughout materials? MODULES!

Symbolt has a responsive modular design system. You design the modules, group them for each client or campaign, then drag and drop them throughout every material and watch them responsively fit in each format automatically. Use libraries to directly drop stock photos and icons, or create libraries folders for each client.

Share with other designers, clients or editors, and let them deal with text changes!

We’ve all been there: get all the document done, then a gazillion text changes come our way. Share the document to the client, and allow them to make copy changes directly in browser. Symbolt adjusts the design so if the client adds too much text, the design won’t break, and you’ll also get notified for each change – just in case. Finally, Editors can easily create new files and change content from the templates that you have created, so you never have to deal with repetitive work again.

All files stored in versions and anyone can export.

Client getting pissy again about that previous version? Or what they commented a week ago? Symbolt saves the file version and the comments! The export can be done anytime for print or digital by you, or, if the client has made that small text change, they can export it for themselves, without calling you ever again to send the file “one last time”.